SpinCar - freedom of moving around the city
No more: disassembly of the wheelchair
No more: disabled parking space needed
No more: reversing a vehicle

A disabled user enters and exits the vehicle in a wheelchair, and remains in
a wheelchair at all times during the journey (in both cases - a driver and a passenger, depending on the vehicle variant). The flat floor allows for easy movement of the wheelchair in the vehicle.

There is no need for burdensome disassembling of the wheelchair at each entrance to the car, as currently.
Entry and exit from the SpinCar take place on the access ramp (remotely controlled). There is no need to place a wheelchair beside a vehicle, as currently. Thus, each parking space is available for the disabled.
Thanks to spinning the vehicle on the spot, there is always a possibility to adjust the position of the loading ramp. It there is an obstacle between SpinCar and the pavement (such as lawn), the access ramp will be unfolded over it.

In case the access ramp is blocked by another vehicle, SpinCar can be spun remotely and the ramp can be unfolded in another direction.
Reversing a car - difficult and dangerous for people with restricted mobility of the trunk, is never needed with a SpinCar. A driver can always spin the vehicle and go forward.

In a regular car, the driver must sometimes turn head and look what is behind him/her. If age or restricted mobility limit head movement, the driver does not see exactly what is behind him/her and risks causing the accident.
SpinCar - no more manoeuvres that require turning head.
under patent pending protection P-392251
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