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Ecology is not just lack of exhaust fumes and noise - it is also rational use of space
Clean, silent, “zero emission” car
Less traffic, more nature in the city

Electric SpinCar is quiet and clean. Its simple construction and low weight ensure low emission of pollutants during its manufacture and disposal.

Electric engine is more efficient than combustion engine and requires less energy.
Night charging allows for balancing daily load on the power grid. Energy is supplied to the city by electrical wires, rather than by heavy vehicles with fuel.

Transfer of energy production from the city (in combustion engines) to the power plant makes the city cleaner, as in the power plant it is easier to clean emissions. And, if electrical energy is obtained in a clean way, we approach “Zero Emission” concept.

Highly anticipated breakthrough in battery technology (in their capacity, durability and weight) will reduce cars’ weight and their demand for energy; and the batteries will not require periodic replacement.
Today’s cars take a lot of space, very often carrying just one person. SpinCar is as short as possible, so it ensures best use of urban space.

Thanks to SpinCar’s unique properties:
- During one light cycle, 25% more SpinCars than regular cars drive through the intersection
- Waiting for the green light, SpinCars occupy about 50% smaller space than regular cars
- Parking lot for SpinCars can accommodate 2,5 more cars than regular parking (on the very same area), as SpinCars do not require space around them for opening the door or for manoeuvring.

And, all saved areas may become green.
SpinCar fits perfectly into the concept of "smart city" which important elements include
sustainable development and optimal transportation management in the city.
The Disabled
SpinCar NewLife
SpinCar Teen
SpinCar Family
SpinCar Slim
Meet SpinCars :
... or the Spin type bus
SpinCar Deliverer
Parking lots; dimensions: 60 x 50 m
For SpinCars – holding 380 vehicles
For regular cars – holding 154 vehicles
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